About Pat Utomi

Pat Utomi, a professor of political economy and management expert is a Nigerian entrepreneur whose ultimate goal is to positively affect humanity.

Born in Kaduna on February 6, 1956, Utomi hails from Ibussa in Delta State. He had his primary education at St Thomas School, Kano, 1960-62 and Our Lady of Fatima School, Gusau, 1962-1966. He later proceeded to the prestigious Christ the King College, Onitsha, for his post-primary education and finished up at Loyola College, Ibadan in 1971.

Utomi had his first degree in mass communications at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN. He also holds MA, MPA, and Ph.D in political economy.

He was director of research and corporate affairs, News Training Consultancy, Lagos; chairman/chief executive officer, Patike Communications Limited. In 1982, he was appointed special assistant to President Shehu Shagari. Following the demise of the Second Republic, he became chairman/chief executive officer, Utomapp Holdings Limited, 1984-86, and assistant general manager, corporate affairs, Volkswagen of Nigeria Limited, Lagos, 1983-93.

He was scholar-in-residence, American University, Washington DC, USA, 1996 and research associate, the Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 1996.

He also belongs to many professional bodies. He is a member, Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, NIPR, Institute of Directors, IOD, Nigerian Economic Summit Group and Nigerian Economic Society.

He coordinated the establishment of several civil society groups on good governance and accountability such as Transparency in Nigeria,The Centre for Values in Leadership, The Concerned Professionals, and the Restoration Group. In the business sphere, Utomi is the vice-chairman, Platinium–Habib Bank. He is an accomplished columnist, and chairman, BusinessDay Media Limited and creator of Patito’s Gang, a television talk show. Utomi has published several books on political economy and management.

38 thoughts on “About Pat Utomi

  1. ‘Gov. Fashola of Lagos has been able to demonstrate what true leadership is all about and in the process unveiled the level of corruption that other governors(past or present) have been engaging in.’

  2. Thanks for highlighting on the good works of a few of our shining lights in Governance. We in the south south has been hearing of the good works of Governor Fashola.

    In this part of our country, we have one young man called Rotimi Amaechi. He has never failed to amaze us with his exemplary leadership. We are shocked at this sudden change because he was actually of the old school of Dr. Peter Odili. But I remembered that even Moses was brought up and groomed in the house of Pharaoh.

    Through governor Amaechi style of leadership,I have begun to understand why it is difficult for governors to be efficient in Nigeria.

    Sometime last year,my political mentor, professor Utomi stated that the problem with Nigeria is due to a triumph of politics. I began to understand that a political office holder in Nigeria requires more than being a good man to succeed. In fact It is the so called ‘good people’ who are swallowed up by the sytem because they lack the will to say no to their corrupt political actors.

    Governor Odili was a good man and this led to his demise and today Rivers people view him as their worst Governor.

    Today Rotimi Amaechi is succeeding in taking giant strides in the state because he has the guts to do the right thing even in the face of overwhelming adversary. Rotimi Amaechi was the first leader in the south south that called a spade a spade when he told the world that what was happening in the Niger delta was an upsurge of criminality, when even our seasoned leaders were speaking tongue in cheek.

    Because he has decided to take on the toga of an honest leader, he has also gone ahead to begin so many infrastructural projects to the state. The greater Port Harcourt city project is a long over due project which only the gutsy can begin. Sanity has returned to our roads, wrongly build houses and fences are brought down without any selective justice. So many good things are happening in Rivers State which I can see and with all due humility, I don’t even know any councilor as a friend, so I’m speaking the minds of ordinary people on the streets of Port Harcourt.

  3. For the fact that God had prepared Moses for a longer period of time as deliverer of his people,he could not act untill the time. Well let me say categorically that it is time for us to be delivered from the bondage of sick leaders with sick governance to lime light of sensitive leader.

  4. But for people like you, Professor Utomi, many Nigeians would have thrown in the towel out of hopelessness. You are one of the few that keep our hope alife. Thank you and may you not relent.

  5. Thanks for your views about Nigeria.

    Truly speaking,Nigeria is as the Biblical Sodom & Gomorrah.

    Only God can deliver us from our problems.

    Our Politicians are the worst thing that has ever happened to this country.

    The Nigerian politicians should remember that,there is reward for everything.No matter the amount of ill wealth they have gotten,all shall disappear with time.

    The President and his very corrupt team are only running after the shadow.They cannot be successful.

    The Seven-Point Agenda is a failure.

    Time and history shall judge us all.

  6. Prof, I am one of your admirers and an unrepentant supporter of your laudable vision for our country. However, I keep wondering why good people are pushed into the bin and criminals are the celebrated and the rulers in Nigeria! Nigerians need to wake up and put their lives on the line to enthrone truthful and visionary leaders and stop tolerating crooks, looters, and thugs that now govern us.

  7. I say Utomi and Fashola for 2011… Can i get a witness in the house? If you are with me say uhhun ahhan?

  8. Prof. Pat Utomi,

    God bless you sir. You are my role model and there is no day I don’t talk about you. You are one in a million. God bless you sir.

    With kind regards.

  9. Uncle Pat,
    Keep on doing the good work. Be assured that the reward for every good work will be duly received!
    Thanks a lot!!

  10. prof sir, i admire your achievements. i have voted for you before and am ready to do it again to please my conscience. keep the hope alive we are encouraged by your vision and ability, in you i believe together Nigeria has a future.

  11. God bless you Prof for your vision of what Nigeria should be. I hold the position that your generation failed Nigeria because it’s largely people within ten years of your age(give or take) that has ruled Nigeria so far and brought her to her knees as we know and experience today. But you are different, you and Gov. Fashola and a few others, and this is why I’m urging you to join the AC or any other mainstream party with the presence and machinery(not wrongful or criminal) to win elections. A ticket of you and Governor Fash, for example, will be formidable and finally bring to us youths the kind of leadership we’ve been arching for all these years. Please give this serious thought. God bless you and all Nigeria.

  12. Prof. Why don’t you start creating structures in all the 36 states and Abuja for 2011. I think it’s about time we move from the academic discussion of the challenges of our underdevelopment. You can not make an impact discussing with the elite on the pages of websites, TV stations and newspapers.

    Lets put on our overalls and go into the trenches where the wretched of the earth are those that can drive the change we seek.The Elite rarely drive Change, they have created comfort zones for themselves and can not be bothered about the rot around them.

  13. i read from the some newspaper that, the president has slash his salary and that of the national assembly members down, so of what relevance is it to the society, and how much was it actually slash not percentage, would like to know it in real terms, in naira and kobo, or was it just a mere say just to show that he is at least doing something

  14. It’s not the leaders.It’s the voters.How many Nigerians know what they are voting for? A country with a very high rate of illiteracy can hardly choose the right leaders.Tribalism will always come in and destroy everything.Even if Obama was to run for presidency in Nigeria,you will hear people say he is not from our place,meanwhile those from their so called places are useless when it comes to leadership.Only Integration can help us move forward.Break all tribal and religious barriers to the minimum first,then we can move forward.

  15. Sir, how will you manage to govern Nigeria with your capitalistic garb but yet people oriented speeches? Has this not amounted to sophistry, which is now common with the Nigerian political elite, one of which you definitely are?
    As a people, I must confess dear sir, we are becoming disoriented with this trial & error brand of elitist politics!We are!
    As a citizen of Nigeria, who sees so clearly, things that ought to be, I ask, what dear kind professor have been your direct contributions to alleviate poverty in our country Nigeria? Or must we all become president in order to contribute our quota? I see an intelligent and exposed professor who has only personal achievements in his kitty, and I wonder out loud…. Oh, not again!!!

  16. Sir,
    I would want to know why the Patito’s Gang sometimes identify with some Governors in the country that are not performing? Sir, I have always known you as a person that have stood out to condemn these sect of non performing leaders, therefore as an ardent follower of your programmes, I thought it wise to register this displeasure. These guys are making life unbearable for the poor, while they live in affluence, and I believe they should be told this to their face.
    Thank you sir, you have always been a model to most of us as young Africans

  17. Sir,
    I became a fan of patito’s gang at a tender age of 15, and since then have been able to understand a fact develop yourself son, don’t wait for your dear country, because my dear country is unreliable, lots of prospect but yet no fruit. am looking forward to the time we would have patriotic youth because of what there country have been able to do for them.

  18. In a country of rational beings, the ideal thing is to vote for the likes of Pat Utomi as president. He has the pedigree to rule Nigeria. This will not happen because our political class would prefer nonentities they can manipulate there. If Nigeria must survive for much longer, we need committed, intelligent and talented men like Pat to rule us. Otherwise, Nigeria will continue to flounder like this till one day it will be no more.

  19. Pat, thanks for your engagement with Nigeria. I think that many persons are so gifted and many more are still coming up. Things will work our surely for Nigeria. My saddness comes from the fact of total inaction by so many at the face of such thiefry and banditry taking place in Nigeria. I wonder why so many have joined the bandwagon. I live in Ireland where I see thousand of our nationals dealing deadly blow to our country. Ireland has one of the best welfare system in the world. It is non-descriminatory but Nigerians have forced the Irish government to begin considering a change in the system. What can be done to correct Nigerians? I suggest that every single Nigerian from the age of 10 upwards should be either killed to wipe away such corrupt, and devilish set up people or all be sent to one big jail for life. The resources should be handed over to people of other nations to manage. Shame unto us!

  20. Utomi are you are accesible?

  21. Pat Utomi in any combination to lead Nigeria will be a welcome relief. However, with the buccaneers at the corridors of power,Nigeria is a place for the devil not saints. Only a restructured electoral system and commitment of all and sundry to defend their votes will save this country from doom.Pat Utomi is a personality that I have watched closely for a long time and I have no doubt in my mind that he will make a good president any day. He has proven to be a good leader and prudent manager of men and resources. He needs prayers from admirers and Nigerians of good conscience and God willing, he will be there some day.

  22. I love you and i will continue to love everything that is asso- ociated with you and other progressives like you (Prof.Utomi) and Gov. Babatunde Fashola. It does not take an angel or extraordinary person to govern like Fashola is doing, it takes people with good intention,right focus and conscience of what would be said of them by generations now and unborn. For instance what do you think we would remember gani for? In contrast, how about Obasanjo? How about IBB? How about the present crop of People Die Persistently (PDP) politicians? But for Sanusi gamble that paid off, i wonder what President YaraDua will present as political scorecard that would merit his “unrigged” return next term barely one and a half year to go. Will he place a ban on campaign for ever. He has nothing to show yet (and i doubt if he would anyway) that’s why he is afraid of campaign. He has forgotten that Xmas and Sallah must definitely come and go wether you have money to celebrate or not.
    Our fervent prayer here is that every political vulture should die, die,die….with their roots while every politicians with visions and integrity like you, Fashola, Rotimi Amaechi(from what i heard but have not confirmed) etc should be enthroned (Amen)!

  23. Prof.I think you are too decent to play Nigerian politics to win. Neverthless, in order to win (not just to contest) i recommend a coallition of real progressives like Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Asari Dikibo, Gov.Fashola, Col.Umar, the youths etc. You should start planning and strategising NOW! Let me assure you that the youths are tired of these sets of visionless leaders in the corridors of power. According to the present DG of NYSC the number of youth corpers intake yearly would soon hit 500,000. Are there even 10,000 certain employments (even JOBS) to absorb the outputs from these programmes? If yes, any plan for the rest 490,000 or so? Have they ever given it a thought that the greatest error is to equip people with higher knowledge (Poly or University) and not occupy them gainfully? Do they even think about all these in their meaningless discussions in the upper and lower house that is a better sleeping pill than the best sleeping pill around.
    god would rescue Nigeria from these VULTURES!

  24. Prof. Utomi:
    Thank you for your fortitude and vision. A 2011 ticket of you and Governor Fashola, as my predecessors have suggested, and as is being bandied about in social circles across the US, is achievable. The strategy is to create awareness (in the simplest manner possible, recognising Nigeria still is a largely illiterate populace), energy and empowerment in the grassroots and for you to join a mainstream party, i.e., Action Congress (don’t worry about the receivership of Bola Tinubu; that will change) and use it as a welcoming platform for Nigerians thirsting and willing to work for change, myself included. God knows we need to dislodge the entrenched cabal that has had a stranglehold on our dear country.

  25. sir.
    we would like you to please address these issues; you served a lame government, even though in a not so significant role.You did not leave until it was aborted.What were you thinking? You moved unto VWN again this was good as dead, you did not leave until it died.LBS is a not for profit endeavour and was built as you say from gifts.The bank PHB in which you were vc is in hot water, again you did not leave.Businessday is not a front runner in the scheme of things and neither is ok computers.My thinking is that maybe, original thinking is lacking for you, when it comes to business.so it may be with politics.please we need more from you to follow you

  26. @Cameron, you seem to know what you are talking about. Do you care shooting me your email address? I would like to talk more with you.

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  28. GR8 Blog, You must have spent a lot of time researching this, TY.

  29. Thanks. I liked your post, do you have more like this? The topic needs lots of research, most people don’t have it.

  30. we need Professor Pat to come and talk to five thousand Nigeria university students on march 26th, 2010 at the Adeline hall of Lead City University, he is to talk on the genius that lives in the student. he is a sure bet to refocus this wasting generation.

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